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Orca Arts Camp
in Mount Vernon, Georgia:
through the Artist-in-Education program;
sponsored by the National Endowment of the Arts
and Georgia Council of the Arts


Animation techniques course objectives :


1. To explore the expressive potential of animated filmmaking through such techniques as drawing and painting, stop-motion, three dimensional modeling, cut-paper, and pixilation.


2. To plan and execute an animated filmed segment using the most effective methods mentioned above.


3. To acquaint students with cameras (light, color, composition, meter readings, etc.), film stocks, animation stands, and post-production (editing, sound, etc.).


4. To introduce the concept of storyboards in the planning of ideas.


5. To design a system of titles for the conceptual unification of the completed film.



Materials and Supplies:


Drawing supplies, collage material (magazines, etc.), super 8 KODACHROME 40 silent or sound or black and white film, cameras, batteries, and some film and possibly some sound equipment, sketchbook, and splicing materials.



Flip Books:









Make a flip book on 5" x 8" unruled index cards based on the following ideas, each conceived as a cycle with color optional:



1. An object that changes radically from one object to another and then back into its original shape. 45 cards minimum.


2. 4 objects moving laterally (sideways) across the page, each at different rates of speed (fast, medium, slow, erratic). 90 cards minimum.



Syllabus for the Artists in Education Program:



Drawing-- from observation, nature, and imaginary constructs; elementary introduction of perspective, contour and gesture drawings.


Painting--color theory, introduction to painting media,

especially oil, acrylic, and watercolor.



Animation-- making an animated class film on Super 8 film utilizing 3 dimensional objects and drawings, including filmed flip books.


Filmmaking-- possible documentary filming of community activities. Also, possible student acted film.


3 Dimensional art-- sculpture and architectural model-making.